EAB: State of the Union Talk

The video below is from the opening session of University Days 2018.

Redefining Leadership in the Face of Market and Mission Shifts Presentation Overview.

  • Understanding a more challenging higher education market
  • Challenges of traditional undergraduate students as well as new markets of Online, International, Graduate, and Degree Completion students
  • Tackling four unavoidable organizational questions for long-term sustainability

Click link below for slide deck.

EAB: State of the Union Slide Deck


Experiential Education through Problem-Based Learning

Thursday, April 12th, 2-3pm

Center for Transformation, room 003 in Lamson Library

Problem-Based Learning (PBL) is an active-engagement, student-centered pedagogical approach to learning through real-world situational problem-solving. It can be viewed as a subset of Project-Based Learning, or a way to frame project-based work.   Instead of passively listening to lectures or even being led through the Socratic method of teaching through question and answers, it encourages self-directed learning through the exploration of complex, open-ended problems where the instructors facilitate and guide rather than teach.

This one hour session will provide an opportunity for faculty to share best practices around PBL, and to explore ways PBL can be utilized across the curriculum to enhance student learning and engagement.

Coffee, tea and snacks will be provided as after lunch pick-me-up.