Student & Faculty Collaborative Events

We believe in order to achieve the best outcomes for Plymouth State everyone should have a voice. That is why the Center for Transformation is committed to bringing together students, faculty, and staff to discuss the important issues facing all of us in our community. By sharing our challenges and solutions with each other we build a path toward our common goal of being our best selves. The first of these will be a faculty and student round table described below.

Faculty & Student Round Table: Grades are more than a letter.

Tuesday, February 20  3:30pm – 4:30pm

Center for Transformation: Lamson 003

We all know that one of the most stressful aspects of any class, for both faculty and students, is the giving and receiving of grades. Instead of being an opportunity to assess progress toward stated learning outcomes, grading often becomes a flash point between teacher and student. As Plymouth State continues its transition to integrated clusters with a focus on creating real-world experiences to enhance learning, the nature of assessment is also shifting with more focus being put on Formative Assessment.

The Center for Transformation invites faculty and students to join us in an open and honest round table conversation about assessment. This 1 hour conversation will cover the shifting focus of assessment in higher education, and will also provide an opportunity for students and faculty to discuss the conflict points of grading in a context safely removed from the classroom.

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