Mindful Renewal

A Happy March month to everyone!

Spring is the time for renewal: to break away from the weariness of winter and to admire nature restoring the greenery around us. It is also the time for us to pause, and reflect, on our everyday actions. To engage in activities and experiences that will re-energize us and help us draw our inner strength, creativity, and joy. Let us spend the month of March to be more mindful and channel intentional efforts to renew ourselves from within.

In a conversation with a colleague, I gained a newer perspective about what Leisure is – She said, leisure is the pursuit of an activity, where one invests her time, energy and focus, purely because the activity brings her joy. Consider it as important as your academics – but you pursue your leisure to feed a part of yourself.

Leisure could help us find our own spots – the spot that will surface the self from within, the spot that will nourish us to nurture who we are, the spot that is comforting, the spot that we can escape to.

Here is another conversation on Leisure that was captured as part of the Happiness Quest initiative. Jessica Dutille, High Impact Learning Partner and Dr. Maria Sanders, Professor of Philosophy engage in a conversation exchanging their own leisure activities topped with some philosophy. For more such conversations, you can go to Dr.  Sanders’ website Philosophy4Life.

In the spirit of renewal, at the Center for Transformation, we have some exciting line up of events, designed just for you. Watch this space for more information.